Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my blog, a website all about Families, Family Life and Fun!

My Name is Louise, I am mum to Jordan, Cameron, Emillie and George. My husband is Craig and our Labrador dog is called Maisie. 

I decided to start a blog as i have a lot of knowledge both professionally and personally with children, families and family life in general. When i left school in 2000 I went on to do a modern apprenticeship in Children's care and Education, I have a level 2 and a Level 3 NVQ (i know they technically don't exist anymore)

I have worked in 3 nurseries as a nursery nurse over the years and 2 primary schools as a Teaching Assistant. 

I had my eldest son, Jordan, when i was just 19 years old and Cameron when i was 21 I then split from their father, for all the right reasons and decided I needed to get a well paid job to support us so I re-trained in Sage, IT and re-took my maths and got a job working as a credit controller full time (bit of a change hey!) 

I was in that job for 2 years until I left to go back into childcare so went to work for another nursery.

So fast forward to 2011 when i went on a date with my now hubby Craig, we have known each other since nursery age but only got together 11 years after leaving school, crazy how things work out, after that first date we saw each other every night afterwards, got engaged a few months later, we had Emillie in December 2012 then got married in November 2013 and still going stronger than ever today. 

I worked as a support worker for children and families in need before having Emillie but decided when I had her I was not going to go back to work as i wanted to spend alot of time with her.

In October 2019 i had George our last baby and having him has made me realise I want to focus on something I love doing and have been doing for most of my life, that is sharing my experiences, knowledge and family with the world through this blog and my YouTube channel.

I hope you find the blog and channel both useful and fun to read and watch. 

Thanks for being here Louise x

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