What we like to watch on the TV

In our house we have sky, Netflix and Amazon TV and i would say the most watched is Netflix, however we have watched a few things on the Amazon TV recently too. Me, Craig and the boys love Netflix, its mostly all we watch in our house as the majority of the time there is nothing on Sky we want to watch although we all like different types of programmes and movies. Craig likes to watch Action, drama programmes like Homeland, hes does tend to watch programmes on Sky Atlantic and Sky One, whereas I prefer documentaries, romantic comedies and more story based programmes like Stacey Dooley Investigates and 'chic flick's' where boy meets girl and they fall in love and live happily ever after. Jord

Snuzpod 3 Baby Next To Me Crib Product review

When it comes to buying a cot or crib for your baby you want something that is practical, fits the space you have available and look great too. When we were having George I decided I wanted a bedside crib as i had never had one with previous children and thought it was a great idea to not have to move him around too much during the night. We decided on the Snuzpod 3, it looks great, the little mattress is spongy and soft and it also has a natural tilt to it to help prevent colic. We bought ours from Mamas and Papas but Amazon sell them too. We also bought the SnuzCloud which has 4 sound settings, Rainforest, white noise, heartbeat in the womb and a song and has a white or red light you can

What we ate this week - Our family meals for the week

So I thought I would show you what we have to eat in a typical week. This weeks food was very chicken heavy but we change it up every week. We do tend to eat quite simple food as the kids can be fussy. So here is a typical weeks worth of food that we eat as a family. BBQ Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato Fries and Veggies Chicken Breast with Mashed potatoes, Baby Potatoes in herb sauce, Carrot batons and Gravy . Sausages with Onion Rings, Mashed potatoes, Carrot Batons and Gravy Chicken in Tikka sauce with a mixture of pasta and rice (last bits in each bag) and chips Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon and filled with cheese in Hunters chicken sauce topped with Mozzarella cheese with pasta and on

Fortnite Season 3 Trailer, updates and Info.

Having two teenage boys and a daughter who all love Fortnite I have asked them all about the new Fortnite Season 3 map, whats new and what you can expect if you have not played it yet. Fortnite is an action building, 3rd person shooter game available on all platforms from Epic Games. A failed device experiment from the end of last season has flooded the map and so half of the map is now under water with new islands, vaults, whirlpools and sharks. Sharks can be used as transportation in the water by hooking them with a fishing rod, beware though as they can come onto land in smaller islands and destroy structures. If you swim over a whirlpool it will throw you into the air allowing you to red

Is Homeschooling a good idea? The pro's and Con's.

There are probably a lot of parents thinking of home schooling their children after the pandemic but could it really be a workable everyday reality or just a dream? Here are some of the laws surrounding home schooling and the pros and cons. Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 states that every child from 5 years old must get an education, however they do not need to follow the national curriculum as long as their education is age appropriate and enable the child to make progress. Children are also not required to have set hours, observe school terms and hours or have a set timetable for each week. There is no legal definition of full time in terms of education at home or at school set out in

Choosing my Baby Names and My Top Ten Baby Names for Boys and Girls

I have 4 children so when choosing their names it was always going to be difficult the more children i had. I always had a name for a baby girl Emillie Rachel, which is my daughters name but i had 2 sons before her and I never really had any boys names chosen. With Jordan, he was going to be called Joshua, then i found out a friend had their baby a few weeks before my due date and used that name so I couldn't use that name at all, I then discovered Jordan, not many people had that name at the time and I still do not know many kids in Cheshire with his name. When choosing his middle name i wanted something from the Bible, something that had meaning so went with Matthew, he is quite a big part

Lack of Sleep......Babies!

I think George is the worst sleeper out of all my babies! I feel like i have had no sleep what so ever the past few weeks, with him having a cold one week, then having his injections another week he just does not seem to sleep. We have a great routine with him, 6:15pm I take him upstairs for a bath, or to get him into his PJ's, he does not have a bath every night, I then sit and read books with him and he has his milk and I make sure he has enough milk in the day but he must wake up at least 4 times in the night, usually its for an ounce of milk then goes back to sleep so I do think its more of a checking I am still around thing but highly annoying when you are just getting to sleep and he s

Fathers day gift ideas

With fathers day approaching on 21st June and shops not being open at the moment to browse gifts for him i have searched for some from Amazon that will make him happy whether he is a beer and snack guy, a jokey guy or a DIYer. . #fathersdaygifts #fathersday #giftsfordad #fathersdaygiftfordad #dadsdaygift #fatheringsunday #fathersdaygiftsforstepdad #fathersdayuk #daddysdaygifts #amazonfathersdaygifts #whatcanigetdadforfathersday?

Kids Fancy Dress costumes and accessories.

Children love to dress up so I have taken a look around for some of the most popular fancy dress outfits children love at the moment including Elsa fancy dress costume from Frozen 2, Batman and Star wars dressing up costumes. (links on pictures paid promotion). #fancydressoutfitsforkids #kidsdressingup #superherocustomeforkids #disneyprincessdress #elsadress #batmancostumeforboys #wonderwomencostume #kidsdressingupoutfit

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