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10 Top Tips to Throwing an Amazing Girly Sleepover With Friends

Most Girls get to the age when they want to have their girl friends over for a sleepover, my daughter is 7, nearly 8 and she is definatley getting to the age where she would love a sleepover with friends. Getting the right mix of friends is just a part of the planning process, to make sure that the sleepover goes well you need to have the right theme, food and entertainment. Here are my top 10 tips of things you need to take your sleepover from good to amazing! 1) Think of a theme that you and your friends love and make everything to coordinate with it from colours, to characters and textures. 2) Make or buy some invitations for your friends telling them the time, what to bring and what to w

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Real Life Birth Stories Part 2

So I decided to have Cameron 2 years apart from Jordan as I wanted him to have a close to age sibling to play with, I was 21 when i had him. Pregnancy was fine, no problems at all, pretty straight forward really. When it came to the time I was due to deliver I moved in with my mum so there were people to look after Jordan and also support me through the first stages of labour as I wanted to stay at home as long as possible before I went into the hospital. When i went into labour in the afternoon i stayed at home as long as I possibly could until i had to get some pain relief, the contractions were close together. We got to the hospital and I was 7cm dilated already so I was glad I stayed at

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Frozen II Movie Review

So i finally got to watch Frozen 2 yesterday with the kids for Emillie's movie night choice. Emillie, Cameron and Craig went to see it at the cinema after i had George last year so i had not seen it until last night and i must say its a great film, even better than the first one. I know a lot of little girls and boys love the first one due to the ever popular 'Let it go' song but I felt that the second one had more grit and depth. It had more of Elsa's personality in it which was great to see and seeing more of the relationship between the two girls was lovely too. The film starts with a flashback of Elsa and Anna as little girls playing and their mother telling them as story about a special

Top 5 Baby Shower Games

When planning a baby shower it usually involves a few cheeky baby related games to up the spirits of the heavily pregnant mum to be and have a fun afternoon. Here are my 5 suggestions. 1) Guess the baby food How to play: Have guests partner up, one is the feeder and one is the tester. Take turns to feed each other bits of food from jarred baby food and they have to guess what it is. Materials needed: Blindfolds Jarred baby food in a variety of flavors, with labels removed Spoons Aprons or bibs Why it's fun: Messy, silly and great fun trying to figure out the flavours. 2) Baby Bingo How to play: Each player has a paper with empty squares. Guests write the name of the gifts they think that the

How to Throw the perfect baby shower

Are you having a baby and wondering whether to have a baby shower and if so what generally happens at one? When should you have a baby shower? Anytime really, most mothers/couples have theirs when they are around 7 months pregnant, big enough to have a nice big belly to show off but not too big that you do not have a god time. Who plans it? A friend/colleague or relative usually plans a baby shower for you, you can of course plan one for yourself aslong as you are fine with all the work of planning, setting up and clearing away. Where should we hold it? If a friend or colleague agree to hold it a their home that is fine, otherwise they could hire a room at a venue for a few hours. You want t

Real Life Birth Stories Part 1

I fell pregnant with Jordan when i was 18 after a short term relationship but knew immediately that I was going to have the baby. When i left school and up until a few months before this time i did a modern apprenticeship, Level 2 and 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development and worked in a couple of nurseries so having a baby early was not a mega shock to me as I knew what to do with a baby for its every day needs. The morning my waters broke i was just about to go to town with my mum, I literally got up off the chair and without warning the waters just went and there was a lot! We phoned the hospital and they said to come down and they will see where i am and monitor me. After a whil

SnuzCloud Baby Musical Cot Accessory Product Review

When we bought our Snuzpod3 we also bought the snuzcloud to go with it, it has 4 different sounds and lights up with normal light or red on its cheeks. I use it every night with George as he likes the Lullaby setting and the light is great for when he wakes up at night if i need to see into his cot. I have done a video review over on YouTube for this which i have posted below for you to watch. Please head over to the channel to see more videos from us. #snuzcloud #snuzcloudreview #snuzcloudproductreview #snuzcloudbabymusic #babymusicforthecot #babyaccessoryforthecrib #snuzpodaccessories #snuzpodcloud

Top 10 Hair Accessories for Tweens to Teens

Here is my Selection of hair accessories for girls of all ages from Tween to Teen. Bows and unicorns are always popular and character clips and accessories. (This post contains affiliate links to products). I know my daughter, who is 7 loves JOJO bows and colouring her hair with temporary colours. #unicornhairaccessories #hairaccessories #girlshairaccessories #hairbows #hairaccessorybows #hairaccessoriesforgirls #hairclipsforgirls #top10hairaccessories #prettyhairaccessories

Money, Work and Business! My views on life - Keeping it real.

Since my younger years i have always been a positive person, I do not tend to look for the negative in anything, I am a firm believer certain things happen for a reason, the other things you need to make happen for yourself with a vision and goal, hard work and believing in yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to, self-made millionaires do not get to where they are by sitting back, thinking they are going to fail anyway so don't bother. Some people really frustrate me when it comes to work, business and life in general. I do not understand people who say that they moan all the time that they hate their job, because of the company they work for, but yet stay with it when they a

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