My Jewellery Collection

Take a look at what Jewellery I have including everyday and occasion Jewellery. #myjewellerycollection #jewellerycollection #youtubevideos #mycostumejewellery #everydayjewellerycollection #occasionjewellerycollection #youtubevideomyjewellerycollection

Real Life Birth Stories Part 4

George was born in October 2019, hes currently 7 and half months old. He is our last baby, 4 is a good number for me, and plenty, or we will have to have a bigger house and car. We planned to have him and started trying in October 2018, after many tests (and so much wasted money) we finally got a positive in January 2019. So with George I knew that a lot of the things that happened leading up to and during the births would not have happened if I did not have all of the interventions I had so we decided we would take a more natural route, no drugs, hypnobirthing and a home birth. When telling the community midwife this is what we wanted her reaction was 'oh i have never done one with someone

Grocery Shopping Haul

See what we bought for our family meals and see what meals we had planned for the week. #groceryshoppinghaul #foodshoppingforthefamily #ourfoodshopping #ourweeklyshopping #ourfoodshoppinghaul #shoppingforafamilyofsix #mealsfortheweek #familymealsfortheweek

New Video out now on our channel!

Check out the latest video on our channel. Mummy Make up Get ready with me. #mymakeuproutine #mummymakeup #watchmedomymakeup #mymakeuproutineinthemorning #morningmakeuproutine #makeuproutine #doingmymakeup

Real Life Birth Stories Part 3

So our baby number three is Emillie, she was born in December 2012, shes 7 now, time does fly by. When we were planning for her we did not expect it to be so fast but it did not take long before we got that positive. When we spoke to the Doctors and Midwives about previous births and how we wanted to have the baby, they were very much about have a c-section, they did not give any other suggestions and at the time we decided it was right to have a planned section as we had the boys who were only 10 and 8 at the time and they were at school etc and would need to be looked after and taken back and to to school and so if we pre-planned we could have the in-laws in place ready, she was also due o

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