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What are you doing during the lock down?

Updated: Jun 9

As we head into another week of lock down in the UK, what types of things are you doing with the family?

As we head into another week of lock down in the UK, what types of things are you doing with the family?

There has been a great influx of creatives, celebrities and sports professionals making videos and going Live to keep us going with a wide range of activities to get involved in, whether you are a child or adult, young or old, you can bet you will be able to find something that you will enjoy.

Myself and the children are fully into the ticktock app, all getting involved in the dance challenges (with the exception of my 17 year old, who is a typical teenage boy and doesn't do socialising and my hubby who says its silly). We enjoy being silly, using the effects and funny voices and sounds.

There are so many different options available with videos about health and fitness, work outs galore and dance moves to learn and perform, art and craft videos where artists are showing us different techniques including painting and character drawing and social media sites seem to be booming with people using them to speak to their loved ones and have virtual parties, quizzes and cooking sessions together.

We have taken part in several online quizzes with charities during the lock down, it gives us some family together time (all of us) after we have eaten tea, we have also taken to playing the board game we have at home, Monopoly Millionaire, quite a bit too which does result in tears from my 7 year old daughter when she gets a property taken from her.

If you are not all about the internet and using tech there is so much you can do too. We have seen a massive trend for people wanting to de-clutter and decorate the house whilst they have time to do so, making the larder cupboard super organised with storage jars instead of boxes and bags and using a painting technique of abstract shapes on the wall.

I am currently embracing the organised larder unit trend, i have bought some storage jars and some chalk board labels and am planning on getting it all ship shape over the next few weeks, ill let you know how that goes. Also, I love the geometric wall art people are doing with the tape to make shapes with, painting, then peeling off the tape to reveal the clean lines, I totally love this idea and am planning to do something like this myself on my sons wall and our play/activity/dining room.

We have been doing a lot of homeschooling with our children, daughter who's 7 in year 2, son who's 15 in year 9 high school, my eldest is 17 and at college doing sport so he has all of his assignments to get done, that's a chore to even get him out of bed! and trying to entertain our youngest little boy who's 6 months and so clingy to me, the only time he seems to be happy is when i am holding him, hes sleeping or i am playing with his toys with him, hoping that changes and he becomes a bit more independent.

Well that is all from me for today..

Stay Safe at home with your loved ones and enjoy the time you have together as when everyone is back at the 9-5 work, school again we will wish we were back to the easy life again, lounging at home and having fun!!

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