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What formula milk should I give to my baby?

Updated: Jun 26

There are many different brands of baby formula milk in shops to buy, which do you get? Its not just the brand to consider, its the contents, as some are more specialist for different types of allergies and intolerance's there are also two types of milk, powder and liquid.

Powder comes in the bigger tins for use over a period of time, the liquid cartons are generally used for days out etc as a more easy option when out and about, they cannot be kept for a long time once opened.

When George was born we put him onto SMA pro, he would drink it but some days he would bring the whole bottle back up, that mixed in with his colic was a nightmare, walking around John Lewis and getting covered in baby sick was not a highlight of my weekend.

We changed the bottles to Tommee Tippee Anti-colic bottles

they did help but not completely so we looked at what different SMA brands there are and found that there is an option called Comfort, since he has been on that, alongside the new bottles we have had no sickness so changing definitely helped.

First Infant Milk can be given from birth and baby can stay on it until they are one year old, it is based on whey protein made from cows.

Comfort Milk is made with part of the cows whey protein already broken down, making it easier for baby to digest and helps to prevent colic and constipation. As this still contains cows whey it is not a suitable alternative to cows milk allergies.

Follow-on Milk can be given to babies from 6 - 12 months and claims to give child extra nutrients for the time they are learning to crawl and walk although there is no evidence that it makes any difference than carrying on with first milk until babies are one year old.

Hungrier Baby Milk says it is for hungry babies, it contains more casein than whey and casein is harder to digest so it claims that it helps babies feel fuller although there is no evidence to suggest it helps baby sleep better or longer.

Growing up Milk is used from one year on wards and is an alternative to cows milk and claims to contain more vitamin D to help toddlers with growing although there is no evidence that it has any extra nutritional value.

Lactose Free Milk is for babies that are allergic to lactose as they do not absorb it. This milk is usually recommended by your GP or Midwife.

Anti-Reflux formula is thickened with the aim to prevent reflux and is suitable from birth but is used under medical recommendation and supervision.

Hypoallergenic Formula contains fully broken down proteins and is suitable for babies allergic to cows milk.

Goats Milk formula is made from goats whey protein, suitable from birth.

Soya Milk Formula is made from Soya beans and is used as a milk alternative although it contains glucose so may be bad for baby teeth.

Some milks that should not be used until baby is over one year old are

  • Condensed milk

  • Evaporated milk

  • Soya Milk

  • Rice milk

  • Oat milk

  • Almond Milk

  • Goat or Sheeps Milk

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