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Being Self Sufficient - Growing Your Own Vegetables

Updated: Jun 9

During the Covid-19 lockdown food has, at times, been a very difficult thing hold of as supermarkets are overwhelmed with customers booking out home delivery slots and running out of some essential items.

Many families have taken to ordering from local growers and butchers and started to become more self sufficient as we are unaware how long we will be under lock down and when it will be safe to return to normal.

A great way to do this is to grow your own vegetables.

Here is a guide for your main veg, what they need and how to grow them.


This can be sown anytime of the year and directly into the ground but will need covering if it is cold weather. Sow a row every fortnight so you have a consistent supply. You should get a crop within a month but watch out for slugs.


Sow sparingly from March to June, These take 12 - 16 weeks from sowing to harvest, water only in dry spells. Watch out for root fly.


One of the quickest and child friendly crops to grow, just sow directly into the ground. Keep soil moist to ensure rapid growth, they can be grown between peas and potatoes.

Runner beans

Wait until May or June to plant outdoors, first plant one seed per pot and place in a sheltered position, once they are 8cm tall you can re-plant them up a wall, trellis or stick. They will grow fast so pick them regularly for a continuous supply.


Sow in late April when the weather is above 10 degrees in a sunny sheltered position protected from strong wind in block formation, easy to grow and they look good too.

Peas and Mange tout

Sow in March directly into soil, put some sticks or wire netting in the area and they will grow and entwine around it but you will need to protect them from the birds.

Spring Onions

Easy beginner vegetable. sow directly into the soil, thin out and when they are done pull them out to clean and eat. Watch out for slugs in wet weather as they will damage them.


Prepare the soil then dig straight trenches 12cm deep and 60cm apart. Plant seed potatoes 30cm apart and cover them with soil to fill the trench. When the shoots reach 20cm tall, use a rake, hoe or spade to mound soil up around the bases of the shoots, covering the stems half way. This is called earthing up. Plant in March or April.

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