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My Pregnancy Problems and common problems you may have during your pregnancy.

Updated: Jun 26

I have been pregnant four times and most of the problems I had were very much the same, until my last baby 6 months ago. I have always carried extra weight before being pregnant so having aching hips, legs and back have been common problems in each pregnancy for me.

With my last baby, George, I had a lot more aches and pains, headaches were a big thing for me, I do tend to get them every now and again but they were worse when I was pregnant. Most of my aches and pains were in the last 2 months as baby was bum down until the last 2 weeks when he finally flipped around but then as he was measuring as a big baby he went low fast.

My hips and pelvis hurt alot during the last month or so and they still have not recovered yet, i have hip pain on my left side and the muscle on the top of that leg seems incredibly tight and hurts when i sleep.

There are a lot of different problems and pains you can experience throughout pregnancy and i had quite a few of them including;

Constipation - mine was towards the end of the pregnancy

Cramp - in my legs, especially in the night

Feeling faint - dizziness I had off and on

Feeling hot - felt this all the time

Incontinence - this was more after baby

Peeing a lot - at the beginning and the end

Skin and hair changes - my hair and skin were awful throughout until the last month

Varicose veins - I have some on my leg anyway but they did not get worse

Backache - some at the beginning lower back then lots at the end

Bleeding - I have never had any bleeding but i know its common and often nothing to worry about

Headaches - I did not have lots but the ones i did have were really bad

High Blood pressure - not something I have ever had a problem with

Heartburn - I had some at the beginning and lots towards the end

Itching - I found my breasts itched a lot

Leaking nipples - I did not have this until the very last weeks

Pelvic pain - Ouch! yes lots of this towards the end

Piles - Not much, some towards the end

Swollen feet, ankles and fingers - I tend to get this when i am hot generally but it took a month for my swollen feet to go down after birth.

Tiredness - I was very tired in the first month of pregnancy, it was a sign for me that I was pregnant as I could not keep my eyes open after 8pm.

Pre-eclampsia - Some of the problems above can be a sign of Pre-eclampsia so I thought I should mention a little about this for you.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that causes high blood pressure during pregnancy and after labour. It can be serious if not treated. Early signs of pre-eclampsia include high blood pressure, headaches and protein in your pee. These are usually picked up during pregnancy appointments.

If you have pre-eclampsia you'll have regular check-ups that may require a stay in hospital. You may also need medicine to lower your blood pressure.

You may hear people say you will feel your best, your skin and nails will be nice and you will bloom during the 2nd trimester, well for me i waited for that and it never came! I only got the good hair, nails and skin during the last month of pregnancy that is not to say that you will not be feeling and looking amazing during your 2nd trimester as lots of people do.

Hope you have a smooth pregnancy and don't forget to check out my other pregnancy and baby related posts.


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