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My Top 3 suggestions for Home Date Nights

Updated: Jun 9

It is always good to have a night away from the kids for adult time as a couple, we know at the moment during the lock down that getting away from the house in a no-go so here are some suggested ways of having a date night at home that will give you some much needed adult time if you are currently home schooling and much needed relaxation and couples time as it can get a little stressful being under each others feet all day and night every day.

Watching a film together

Get a blanket and some nice cushions, set up some candles and dim the lights.

Having a home cooked meal together

wait until the children go to bed to have your meal, cook it together, set up the table and light some candles.

Sit and have a chat

Turn off devices and the television, putting on some music and just having a conversation together without distractions, even for half an hour. It can be over breakfast or just a cup of coffee.

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